Airport School

Principal’s Message

“Education is not the learning of facts,
but the training of mind to think.”

Airport school is a pioneer, a collaborator and a far-sighted school. We believe in upholding values and principles to nurture generation next. We, at Airport School, imbibe values of love, culture & knowledge through education that enable the students to adjust & adapt to the emerging society of multicultural thoughts, beliefs & religions.
We provide world-class education all the way from pre-school to high school. A student is a seed of change & evolution. Airport school nurtures this process. We encourage an interactive student-teacher classroom environment to fuel the students curiosity and enhance self-discovery. At Airport School students emotional, physical & intellectual facts are shaped with the energies of preserver, once thoughtfulness, dedication and support.
A professional empowered & motivated faculty ensures the overall growth of the student. This equips the students with an innovative way of learning & in the process they become the torch bearers of tomorrow. A sharp eye for observation will let everyone capture the emotional bond between the teachers and students, which is significant special feature of our school.
We, at Airport School constantly look for the process to implement systems that inspire lifelong learning & make teaching-learning interesting. Airport School has always been committed to focus on the holistic development of your child. The connect with our culture, emphasis on value driven education & the aim to restore childhood has always been integral to Airport School since its inception. The wide range of co-curricular activities enables students to discover their hobbies & talents.
Our motto is to give lifelong values to the students that nurture humanity, create Global citizens and give shape to the better world.
I am looking forward to continue this process with you.

Shalini Dhanwani


Airport School - Ahmedabad